Who I am

I’m Sarah Schmidt Zipp. I’m a mom, wife, sister, daughter.  The usual.  I’m a teacher (Lecturer), researcher and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D. finally!!!). The less usual.  Things I like include: Good weather for biking, hiking and just being outside.  Gardening that makes it difficult for me to kill things.  Travel, sort of.  Good conversation around a fire.  Snuggling. Flexing muscles with my daughters.

I’m the Mom of the Amazing Zipp Sisters, Adelyn (10) and Anna Gwenyth (nearly 8).  Sound sweet, don’t they?  Addy is the ultimate bookworm who’s dream is to become a librarian, and a person who rescues dolphins on the side.  She’s in a major Harry Potter phase at the moment.  Gwen, aka Gwengis Khan, on the other hand, is best known for her cat moving tendencies (picture small child with cat in choke hold whilst trying to place cat in various scenarios, like a laundry basket full of stuffies, Lego scene, tea party with My Little Ponies, etc.).  They both love imaginary play and jamming out to Cyndi Lauper, Muse, The Grateful Dead and the Beastie boys.  They have a beautiful bunk bed cottage made by my brother.  But they choose to snuggle together on the bottom bunk and keep the top bunk for stuffies and play time.  They make me burst with pride and love.

My hubby/baby daddy is Aaron Zipp.  He’s a lot of wonderful things – the best listener, amazing teacher, incredible musician (think Johnny Cash), carpenter, household IT guru, chef, Highland Games athlete/organizer, and all around stud.  These days, he is the primary caregiver – working part time and serving as Parent in Chief around here.  He is the main school dropper offer/picker upper, lunch and dinner preparer (I generally do breakfast), after school activities organizer and bedtime story reader.  And, for a short time, he was a preschool teacher.  Yes!  My man is THE man in early childhood education.  Love, love, love this guy.  I’m so grateful to have the most bestest partner.  He is the ultimate feminist.

I’m also a sister and daughter.  This merits mentioning because my brothers and parents are simply amazeballs.  We went through a very difficult period while working at a university in New York state.  I filed a harassment claim against the state, the state published a report of false accusations against us shortly after.  The timeline alone is enough to make any thoughtful person cringe.  I understand the depths of desperation one feels when falsely accused and trapped by a powerful system.  So, through all of that madness my family was a saving grace.  In 2013, my family moved halfway across the country to be nearer to them.  We lived in a mixed household with my brother, Uncle Nate Dogg.  Here me now, people – mixed households with multiple parent figures are the shizzy.  If you can, I highly recommend it.  Especially if you have super great siblings.  I don’t think I’d be this excited about it if I lived with my parents.  I love them, but, ya know.  Brothers are probably better for co-habitation purposes.  And since then, we made the big leap to Amsterdam.  No sibling support directly here, which is something we miss in a most serious way.


4 thoughts on “Who I am

  1. When I tuned in to HGTV, I knew it was you – haven’t changed that much – except now you’re a movie star!!! And to think that I knew you when you were just a basketball star! Many fond memories of one of my all-time favorite classes!! Has it really been almost 20 years?
    Very happy to see you have such a wonderful family and a very full and busy life in Amsterdam!
    All the best to you & all of your family!

    A ghost from your past

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