Should I stay or shoud I go now?

It’s hard to believe, but here we are.  Facing a big family decision once again. Here’s the gist:

Option 1) Stay put in T-town

Stay in Topeka.  Live simply and relatively cheaply.  Kids stay in same schools (maybe) and neighborhood.  Pursue modest, but rewarding careers.  Maybe pursue a big professional dream (start a business).  Be close to family support.  Own a car and have a yard.

Option 2)  Move to Amsterdam

Yeah.  Europe Amsterdam.  Holland.  Coffee shops that sell pot (although, living as Colorado’s neighbor makes that less of a big deal now).  Live a complicated but very unique and exciting lifestyle.  Kids attend cool international schools.  Kids forced to make another big adjustment, this time with language barriers.  Pursue exciting career in academia.  Not try to start a business.  Be far, far away from family, but close to some friends.  Not own a car.  Live in a small space with probably not much yard.  Enjoy great public transport, extensive holidays and easy travel throughout Europe.

I’ll be back with more details.  But I’d sure like to get thoughts from the peanut gallery.  We really, really are torn.


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